Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mount Gravatt

Mt. Gravatt is one of the Southern Brisbane suburbs. Before 1968, it used to be the end station of the tram line with the same name. It was referred to as Mt Gravatt Terminus.

Today, a shopping strip with many restaurants.

Mt Gravatt Terminus

A remnant of the days gone past with
the tram stop sign still in place.

The tram that stopped running in 1968

Today, Mt Gravatt is serviced by buses.

Up on Mt Gravatt proper, there are repeater stations

The view from Mt Gravatt over the city is
today a little hazy.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Farm River Walk

There is a river walk from South Bank all the way to New Farm and even beyond to Newstead for those energetic enough to do so.

Along New Farm, the river walk is on
a floating walkway above the river

From the city, you walk under
the Story Bridge

The floating walkway moves up and
down caused by the wash of the city
cats and other boats using the river

High above the cliffs are residential houses

Across the river is Kangaroo Point

High above are residential units

The River Walk was built by the City Council
and opened in 2003

It's a pleasant walk 'on' the river

Back in the city, Admiralty Towers
Residential units.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

View over South Brisbane and the city

View from a prominent North Quay Hotel over the river and the city

The new foot bridge from the city to the
cultural precinct being built in the foreground

View over the city

Riverside Expressway following the city

Grey Street Bridge and Railway bridge
from South Brisbane to the city

Thursday, July 16, 2009

South Bank

South Bank Parkland is our Arts and Entertainment precinct and popular weekend visiting area.

In 1988, Brisbane hosted the World Exhibition (Expo 88) an event that really put Brisbane on the map. The area before 1988 was occupied by industrial and wharf buildings, sleazy hotels and generally was a rough place. At the time the state government and the city council decided to clean the place up and winning the World Expo made it easy to relocate industry and renew the area.

Thousands of visitors from all corners of the world flocked to Brisbane to help us celebrate this great event. If you would like more information on Expo 88 - Click here

After the Expo, it was decided to keep the area public. Today, South Bank is a beautiful area of 17 hectares of parklands, filled with restaurants, playgrounds for children and entertainment venus for all. The Queensland Conservatorium of Music is at Southbank and soon it will house the new studios of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Television and Radio). So now let's look around:

The Performing Arts Complex housing the Concert Hall,
the Lyric Theatre, the Playhouse and the Cremorne Theatre.

The State Library

The latest addition to the arts, the Gallery of Modern Art

South Bank Railway Station

The "Wheel of Brisbane"

The city is across the river

The Nepalese Pagoda, donated by Nepal after
World Expo 88

There is a Rain forest walk through the park

with babbling brooks

The Suncorp Piazza for street performances

The Arbour Walk through South Bank Parklands

A swimming pool. There is even a beach which
unfortunately is presently closed for renovations

Expo 88 artifacts left over

Little Stanley Street with many restaurants

High-rise apartment blocks

The new bus tunnel under the Exhibition Centre

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bayside suburb of Cleveland

Diane and I joined the University of the 3rd Age Camera Club meeting this morning at Cleveland, to get a little bit more information on her new Canon SLR camera. After the meeting, we drove to Cleveland Point for lunch. On the way back we practiced what we learnt earlier on with some shots of one of our favourite suburbs in Brisbane.


Cleveland is in the Redland Shire on Moreton Bay and has a
satellite canal estate called Raby Bay.

The main streets are covered by Poinciana trees

The Cleveland Mall is a popular place
for locals to have their lunches.

Plenty of bench space under the trees.

Poinciana Trees cover the footpaths.

The old Courthouse is now an exclusive
restaurant, unfortunately shut for lunch.

The new Court House (not a restaurant!!!)

Cleveland is on Moreton Bay.

Plenty of walking tracks along the bay.

Residential buildings are not cheap in Cleveland.

The Grand View Hotel is a popular
watering hole.

Raby Bay residential apartment buildings.

Raby Bay Yacht Harbour for the rich and famous.

Raby Bay Boardwalk.

Cleveland Cultural Centre.

A funny garbage bin near Cleveland Point.