Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mount Gravatt

Mt. Gravatt is one of the Southern Brisbane suburbs. Before 1968, it used to be the end station of the tram line with the same name. It was referred to as Mt Gravatt Terminus.

Today, a shopping strip with many restaurants.

Mt Gravatt Terminus

A remnant of the days gone past with
the tram stop sign still in place.

The tram that stopped running in 1968

Today, Mt Gravatt is serviced by buses.

Up on Mt Gravatt proper, there are repeater stations

The view from Mt Gravatt over the city is
today a little hazy.


  1. I'm having a bit of trouble with blogger allowing me to be a follower. Just know that I am.

    Thanks for the tour!


  2. Hello. I saw your name on another blog I follow. Thought I'd check out your blog and I like it. I think I will start following it.


  3. I now why they put repeaters on mountain tops, I just wish they wouldn't. The must not be photographers.. HA!

  4. You have some great photos here! A nice variety. Thanks for posting.