Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bayside suburb of Cleveland

Diane and I joined the University of the 3rd Age Camera Club meeting this morning at Cleveland, to get a little bit more information on her new Canon SLR camera. After the meeting, we drove to Cleveland Point for lunch. On the way back we practiced what we learnt earlier on with some shots of one of our favourite suburbs in Brisbane.


Cleveland is in the Redland Shire on Moreton Bay and has a
satellite canal estate called Raby Bay.

The main streets are covered by Poinciana trees

The Cleveland Mall is a popular place
for locals to have their lunches.

Plenty of bench space under the trees.

Poinciana Trees cover the footpaths.

The old Courthouse is now an exclusive
restaurant, unfortunately shut for lunch.

The new Court House (not a restaurant!!!)

Cleveland is on Moreton Bay.

Plenty of walking tracks along the bay.

Residential buildings are not cheap in Cleveland.

The Grand View Hotel is a popular
watering hole.

Raby Bay residential apartment buildings.

Raby Bay Yacht Harbour for the rich and famous.

Raby Bay Boardwalk.

Cleveland Cultural Centre.

A funny garbage bin near Cleveland Point.


  1. I like the bin. I would like to live in Cleveland too.

  2. This is such a pretty area. The Poinciana trees are a wonderful sight and provide welcome shade in summer. Well done, the pictures are great, I look forward to see more!! Grueassli T.

  3. I like this. I started to do that with Mesa but just couldn't seem to get into it. It is fun to do though.