Sunday, December 20, 2009

Duplication of the Gateway Bridge

In 1986 the Gateway Bridge over the Brisbane River was opened. At that time it held the record for the longest prestressed concrete free cantilever stretching 260m/850 ft. Its shape was determined by air traffic (its close to the airport) and shipping.

By 2005 it was necessary to duplicate the bridge to handle the huge increase in traffic in Brisbane. (photo from internet)

Taken from a moving car as we enter the new access to the old bridge. The new one has just met in the middle. It will open next year.

This shot from the internet of the duplicate bridge under construction.


  1. Our Mangere bridge is similar,

    You have a great Christmas.

  2. It look so strange right now with two dead ends. I bet everyone is eager for it to be finished!

  3. Fantastic structure!
    Thanks for sharing this! ;)