Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brisbane Surrounds

Overlooking the suburb of Daisy Hill, Logan City which borders Brisbane City. The houses, shops, schools are swallowed up by the trees. I guess it is a leafy suburb. The Lamington National Park ranges are in the background.

The shot was taken from the hill behind our house.


  1. Beautiful! You live in paradise!


  2. Thanks for you comment on my blog. 30 degrees Celsius with high humidity ??? Masacra :)

  3. Looks pretty! And warm...

    Thank you for stopping by Villigen. Where it's freezing cold and grey.

  4. what a lovely view you have. thank you for sharing your beautiful country
    with us, okies!

  5. One lucky resident to this idyllic leafy suburb! Love the view!

  6. I see Logan city being advertised on TV, and I remember driving pass it.

    So very hot here on the Gold Coast. Next time I will come in Winter.

  7. Thanks for your visit! So you also live in Oz! My daughter lives in Cooktown and the grandchildren you saw are Australian. My elder grandson is doing well on the gitar. The other two only played for the photo, but they all sing well.
    On my next trip to Australia I should go to Brisbane. I've only been in Sydney and Cairns.
    Thanks for your comment about Dutch East Indies, as Indonesia was called when I lived there. No the concentration camp was no picnic.

  8. Wish sometimes I could make my city disappear as well. Hi from Barcelona!