Sunday, January 3, 2010

Riverside-Brisbane CBD

Apartment blocks on the riverside in the city.


  1. What weather at you? In Wolsztyn -1 C, and snow;) - nice pictures of your Brisbane. Insert more. Regards. Marcin.

  2. I do believe it looks a bit wet there!


  3. hi ... i love brisbane too. and i have only been there twice. the last time i was there for about 5 days and i stayed in the hotel in the left center of this photo with the redish-brown dome. i think! it gave us a view of the bridge.
    i recall being in this area. it's near the silver hands coming through the sidewalk and the pig and whistle. i love their ice tea. it was seriously killer. anyway i pretty much love everything in australia. went to a comedy club under the bridge on the island and a aussie rules game while we were there. that's completely insane! ... and another reason to love OZ.
    all the best, nikonsniper steve