Monday, January 18, 2010


Every Monday, I visit one of my school mates from Grade 1 in hospital. Last September, he fell off his roof trying to do some maintenance on his house. He lives out in the country and he had to be flown by helicopter into Brisbane in the Princess Alexandra Hospital. First he was in the Intensive Care Unit for a few weeks and now he is in the Spinal Ward waiting for the day when he can sit in a wheel chair.

Normally I wait at the traffic lights to cross the street outside the hospital, but today I climbed the stairs to the overpass, mainly so I could walk in the shade as the temperature outside was well over 30ÂșC.

Coming back, I took this picture in the overpass..


  1. I really like the tunnelling effect in the top photo. The overpass has a real industrial feel about it.

  2. Looks like a section of a space station.

  3. Probably a good thing the patients don't enter the hospital this way - it looks a little bit like those "walk towards the light" type pictures!

  4. Yes, I can see the "transition" effect that Cara mentions. *grin*

    However, it is also a good shot that respects the geometry of the space. The curves are lovely and the light is used to great effect.

    I think I read about this chap's unfortunate accident on one of Diane's blogs. What is it with rooves (?) and us oldies? Give him my best wishes, and you yourself take care as you navigate around your city.

  5. Great header and interesting color shots.

  6. Wonderful shot of the overpass.

    What a horrible accident! Ten years ago I had surgery on my spinal chord and had to learn to walk all over again. I was in a rehab hospital for seven weeks and felt so guilty because I knew I would leave walking and most of the others would leave in a wheel chair.