Monday, February 22, 2010

Big Gun Fruit Barn

A well known icon on the southern outskirts of Brisbane is the Big Gun Fruit and Vegetable barn. So named, because in the 1960s there were no buildings anywhere near but a scrap metal yard. Someone sold them this big gun as scrap iron. Eventually, when commercial buildings were built, the area was refereed to as being "by the gig gun". A shopping complex bought the site and adopted the gun as its symbol. The area is still referred to as being by the big gun.


  1. The little cloud looks like smoke coming out the barrel.

  2. Great pix. we paid a flying visit to Brisbane many years ago when in Oz visiting family, didn't see enough of it though. Maybe one day we'll return.
    Thanks for stopping by in Normandy, have a great week.

  3. A fun photo, and quite colourful. Maybe the fruity gun is in competition with the Big Pineapple!
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  4. What a great photo!
    Thanks for the clarification regarding the "puff" of white, Diane. I actually thought, "My God, they even fire the thing with blanks"!!!!


  5. I thought the gun was firing off until I saw Diane's comment.



  6. That's an interesting bit of local history. The minute I saw the photo I wondered why the gun was there.

  7. I lived in woodridge 1972 - 1974 now in englannd I was 5 years old and can remember the gun being on the ground at the fruit store me and my brother used to climb on it while our parents were in the shop