Monday, February 15, 2010

Customs House Brisbane

Customs House is located in Queen Street Brisbane.
It was originally used for the collection of customs duty of incoming ships and was completed and opened in 1889, when Queensland was a British colony.

It is a landmark known for its distinctive copper dome. The building was designed by Charles McLay of the Queensland Colonial Architect's Office.

The building became redundant when port facilities moved to the Port of Brisbane in 1988.

Today it houses the Customs House restaurant. To find out more about the restaurant - click HERE


  1. That is a nice building.

  2. The restaurant in the building and on the riverside courtyard is one of the best in Brisbane. You require gold plated credit cards to eat and drink there! Certainly not a place for the faint-hearted when the "bill" is placed in front of you, especially if you did not take note of the drink prices!
    A place recommended for a VERY, VERY special celebration, not when your favourite sporting team had a victory! If going, bookings are essential and go also at night and hope for good weather so as to be able to sit on the riverside where you have a first class view of the night climbers going up and across the Story Bridge.

  3. what a contrast! well photographed.

  4. I run some functions there some years ago, an attractive building with nice old worlde ambience and good catering.

  5. Love the way it seems to shine, surrounded by the newer, taller buildings!

  6. Must have been fantastic to see when it was new, and it still is a fine looking building today.