Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Brisbane River Ferry

The river Ferry transports people between Eagle Street Pier in the city and Holman Street under the Story Bridge at Kangaroo Point.

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  1. A year or so ago when we were in Brisbane we decided to do the tourist thing and catch the ferry up and down the river ... it was very pleasant.

  2. When you two are in Sydney in May, let's have coffee!!

  3. To Julie,
    Sounds good, we'll be down there from the 3rd to the 22nd May staying with our daughter at Bondi Beach.

    Bill and Diane

  4. That brings back memories of when I worked in East Brisbane. I would grab some toast and a coffee from one of the eateries on Eagle St, sit outside on the ferry and have my breakfast on the way to Mowbray Park. The City cats are great but are so crowded...I prefer the little old ferries.

    Thanks for commenting, I hope I see you again some time.