Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mayes Cottage, Kingston - Logan City

Following yesterday's roof/sky shot, here's Mayes Cottage:

Mayes Cottage

Mayes Cottage was saved from demolition in 1974 through political action by the Kingston Progress Association. The property represents an in-tact example of early settlement of the region and includes the original slab hut (1873), the house (1887), cowbells, barn and cream shed. Extensive stands of mango trees complement the scenic locality of this property which has views to Mount Tamborine.    


Welcome sign

Another blogger in the 'dunny

For more information about this cottage - CLICK HERE


  1. Diane!

    I hope you had a good look around and also down the hole before you sat? "Joe Blakes" like living in "dunnies"!
    It is great that our 'colonial' past is retained for future generations to see the hardships that the early settlers endured. Great reporting Bill - congratulations.

    Colin (HB)

  2. It looks too pretty to have been a hardship.