Sunday, April 11, 2010

Treasury Casino

The Treasury Building used to house the State government Treasury Department and later the Lands Department. At one stage, the Queensland Premiers Department used to occupy the building before they moved to the Executive Building in George Street.

Since 1995, the refurbished building has housed the Conrad Treasury Casino, contrasting the once political orientation of the building to one full of vibrance and entertainment. It is home to two bars, five restaurants, and eight function rooms. The casino also provides for the Brisbane community by hosting of the annual Groove and Grape Festival plus entertainment which is provided every night of the week. This includes comedy shows, bands, musicians and dancing shows.


  1. A good building can change its function. Impressive!

  2. Amazing. What was a losing cause, as most government agencies are, to one that gives odds. LOL And the restaurant and entertainment sounds good too.

  3. A very impressive pile of stones to be sure!

    Our Casino over here is a modern glass pyramid full of the usual desperate gamblers. I much prefer the look of yours!



  4. An imposing building! I remember it from a visit to Brisbane some years back. The juxtaposition of 'treasury' and 'casino' is priceless.

  5. Such an impressive building though it looks better as government treasury than a treasury casino. :D