Thursday, April 22, 2010

Strange sign in a strange place

One of my avid blog readers pointed out this informative information spotted in a Cleveland restaurant loo, so I had to go and capture it. Amazing information, isn't it? Just don't ask me for the real measurements in metric.


  1. Good heavens!!!!
    15,834 gallons equals 59,938.21 litres!!!
    It really is amazing and mind blowing as to where we can further pursue our education!
    This, unnamed, restaurant should be rewarded with some form of international recognition.
    Hear, hear and three cheers for education!

    Colin (HB)

  2. Colin, let's keep it 'unnamed'. I would gladly name it if my steak was edible but it was terrible, it was like eating vulcanized rubber.

  3. Interesting facts indeed. But they can't compensate for a terrible steak ;)

  4. Pity about the steak - but a very funny photo!