Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Sydney Manly Ferry in Brisbane

You could have been forgiven if you didn't trust your eyes the last couple of weeks,if you traveled on the Brisbane river, have a look:
Here you see a Brisbane CityCat floating down the river to Brett's Wharf, nothing unusual about that, but have a look at the boat in the background.... Yes It Is!

It is the Sydney Harbour Ferry "MV Freshwater", here in Brisbane for a major overhaul at the BSE Maritime Solutions shipyard at Colmslie on the Brisbane River I can just imagine standing at the Sydney Heads when she sailed out of the harbour and turned left heading up the coast, people shouting. 'Hang on.. you missed the Manly turnoff... come back... come back..

Anyway, she'll be up here for a few weeks before sailing back to Sydney with a new shiny coat, new doors and new seating and an overhaulled engine. See if I can hitch a ride back in her.


  1. Now how on earth can that be an economical way of going about things!!?? Sending our ferries up your way for maintenance!! Not that I expect this sort of thing to change come the March 2011 election. The running of Sydney Ferries seems to be a mystery known only to God ...

  2. I heard something on the radio about someone ringing in saying they were watching a ferry heading out through the heads. Maybe it was that one. You really do think they'd keep the money in NSW. The whole NSW transport system is a mystery known only to god. Should have seen me trying to get back from the theatre on Saturday evening, no trains because of trackwork and god knows where the replacement buses were, waited for an hour for one to turn up.

  3. The shipyards must be better up your way than they are here in Sydney, oh well she could have been fixed in Hong Kong. LOL.

  4. Amazing,, the stuff you see on the blog!!!

  5. Utterly ridiculous - boardering on insanity!
    Further comment would be superfluous. Send a photo to the NSW media, that would really stir up a hornest's nest. It is quite possible that the NSW corporation incharge of the ferries, wouldn't have a clue where the ferry is?
    Colin (HB)

  6. What most people don't realize is that the Sydney Port Authority, have for years discouraged any maritime industry within the Greater Sydney Harbour area because industry is ugly and they, (the MORONS), believe that Sydney Harbour can only be beautiful, in the eyes of tourists, if it's set up only for tourists. They don't wish to see ugly industrial type boats plying the waters of Sydney, only sail boats and other recreational craft that are clean and sparkly. the only commercial boats allowed are the clean and sparkly ones that carry tourist types and passengers about. God forbid that any WORK type boat should contaminate the environs with it's presence.

  7. You do live in beautiful surroundings. I like your photography and your area.

    Thanks for the recipe. It is already posted.
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