Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A very cuddly Australian

I have shown pictures from the Daisy Hill Koala Centre before. Here is another inmate in the centre recovering from either an accident or an illness, recuperating before being released back into his natural habitat.
The Koala is a cute marcupial, but don't forget to look at his claws.
For more information on the Daisy Hill Koala Centre - CLICK HERE


  1. I'm so glad that wildlife centers abound. Helping the wild animals get well is a good thing.


  2. What a cutie. I've never been able to touch one, but I'll bet their fur is really soft.

  3. He looks as good as new. I hope he remembers to hang on..

  4. Bill, This is so cute !!!!
    and look at the face...must have a good day : )

  5. Bill

    Seems that the "cuddily koala" has an eye problem? The right eye appears to be closed. I read that koalas do have an eye problem, called something or another. Maybe a viewer may have that answer?

    Good to see that you mentioned the claws! Grab one in the wild and you will come off the "worse for wear".

    Great reporting as always.
    Colin (HB)

  6. Colin its eyes are shut because its having a nap. Its eyes are OK. It was an orphan and had to be hand reared.

  7. A dear little fellow... at a safe distance :-D