Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The captain of the Kookaburra Queen on the Brisbane River

Following yesterday's picture of the Kookaburra Queen, I am happy to introduce you to the captain who greeted us when we boarded the ship for a lunch cruise. Once on board, he handed the helm over to the First Mate while he proceeded to entertain us with wonderful stories during our lunch.  


  1. Hello Captain. Does he have a name?

  2. Watch out, he looks a little like the Titanic Captain.

  3. Sorry Steffe, I forgot to ask.

  4. Really an "old salt". Fantastic portrait, Bill.

  5. Wasn't he the ole captain in "Jaws"? What a character!

    Great capture Bill.



  6. A great face and a great moustache - well captured.

  7. We must have caught him on an off-day in 1997. He was extremely obnoxious and accused me of trying to board with in an invalid ticket, shouting "what's your game?" in front of the other passengers on the boarding ramp. When I pointed out that the date and time on my ticket was correct he just grunted. Seemed to have a big chip on his diminutive shoulder.

  8. His name is Col, He has been with us aboard the queens since 1991, He our longest serving employee. He is in fact our resident entertainer and historian but quite often confused with the captain (Of wich the captains are not too happy about) but it is seldom minded.
    Col is a lovely character with a wealth of stories of the river.

    To the anonymous commentor, it seems you must have cought him on a bad day or maybe just confusion in the moment, remember there are two side to every story.

    We hope col will be with us for many years to come.

    Chief Engineer
    Kookaburra River Queens