Sunday, May 2, 2010

We're away in Sydney

Hi there in Blogland. Diane and I are flying to Sydney this morning, for three weeks to be with our daughter Sonya who is expecting our first grandchild. So I'll be blogging by 'remote control' to keep to the rules of City Daily Blog. Not sure if I'll be able to follow all your blog posts, but I'll try.

So here's my last contribution from home

City Cat leaves New Farm Ferry Terminal


  1. happy trip to sydney, take lots of pictures

  2. Safe trip. Look forward to seeing your interpretation of our city. If you are ever near Macquarie Street/Hyde Park and fancy a coffee let me know (email is in my profile).

  3. Bon voyage then. I am reminded of many years ago when Sydney had trams. I was behind two women who were talking loudly. They spotted a couple of big firms, like Elders etc. Then one said, "Yes all the big Brisbane firms have branches in Sydney".

  4. Excellent transport, these cats.

    Best wishes to you and Diane for your time in Sydney, and especially to your daughter as the happy event approaches. We have two grandsons in Sydney, always good to visit there.

  5. good shot of the ferry cat - disagree with Paul I like the old slow ones better, and good luck with your upcoming event in Sydney - hope it all goes well.