Thursday, March 25, 2010

100 George Street

100 George Street is the seat of the state government, housing the premier's department. The larger building next to it with the tower is an environmentally friendly commercial building with state of the art climate and security controls which can be accessed and adjusted by remote control.


  1. G'day mate!
    The big doesn't look very green to me.
    It somehow reminded me of your Parliament House in Canberra!??

  2. It might be enviro-friendlt but to me it still looks like a concrete box.

  3. I think it looks nice. It's clean and I can't see any spider webs.

  4. Landmarks, concrete and glass that is the city for you. Like sort of a watch tower! Green is different, I wonder if its windows are all lit up at night?

  5. Interesting to see and read. What caught my eye this morning was the very nice top photo (the heading, or whatever it is called in English.)
    I really like that. Greetings all the way from the north ... from Norway.

  6. Hi Gunn

    How is Oslo these days? I had the time of my life there staying at a "pensione" home on the hill opposite up the other side of Oslo harbour, from the the ski jump at "Holmenkollen". What a place to see from the top of the ski jump! I don't think I have eaten so many fish delights in all my life. Plus that really interesting park with the "story of the life cycle". Thank God I was there in summer - winter a "no no".
    Colin (HB)

  7. Hi,

    Many thanks for visiting TORUŃ DAILY PHOTO and for your comment about the tram passengers.

    Got to say I really love that eco-friendly building. That's the future right there!