Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Newstead House - Newstead

Brisbane’s oldest surviving residence dates from 1846 when it was constructed for Patrick Leslie who had first settled on the Darling Downs in 1840.  Over the years, Newstead has evolved from a simple Colonial Georgian cottage into a sprawling homestead with intricate balustrade, spacious verandahs and a vista that incorporates the Brisbane River, undulating parkland, elements of the Breakfast Creek Heritage Precinct and the changing suburbs of Hamilton, Bowen Hills, Bulimba and Newstead.

Entrance View
Newstead House has a large garden extending along the Brisbane River. The building was occupied by American troops during World War II. There is an Australian-American War Memorial in the grounds in memory of this. To find out more about Newstead House - CLICK HERE

Garden View
To see more of the beautiful Newstead Garden, visit Diane's blog - HERE 


  1. Great angle. Lovely house and garden.

  2. The white balustrde seems to young for the house. I do like the plams and the grass is so green. Is the property under the National Trust?
    Melbourne Daily Photo