Monday, March 1, 2010

We take a train to Brisbane

Sunday morning we took a train into Brisbane to go to the Home Show. We don't often travel by train so this was quite an experience.

This train flashed by at Central Station

A south-bound train arrives at Kuraby, our station.

So this is the our train arriving at Kuraby station


  1. How far do you live from the city centre? Are the trains in Brisbane crucial to move the 9 to 5 workers like they are in Sydney?

  2. Yes Julie, trains are crucial to move people to and from work in Brisbane. However, some services are shocking! More trains are badly required as the trains to the Gold Coast and Kuraby is on this line ( south), Ipswich ( west) and Caboolture ( north) are overcrowded!
    Rudeness of passengers to passengers is disgraceful, laws are not policed - I think the cattle in the cattle trains have better trips! I am dependent on rail travel and avoid peak hour travel like the plague! I think Kuraby is about 3/4 hour from the CBD. However, Brisbane suburban trains are far cleaner than Sydney suburban trains. Really doesn't say much for Sydney trains????


  3. Hi Julie,
    We live 22km from the CBD. We have a freeway near us that takes us directly into the city, and within days, to the Clem 7 tunnel under the city to the northern suburbs. Parking in the city is not easy and expensive that's why we sometimes take the train but never in peak-hour. Colin above is right in a lot of his statements.

  4. Wouldn't take much to be cleaner than Sydney suburban trains. Ours are all double decker these days so they can squash a lot more people in.

  5. I enjoy the scenery while taking the train.

  6. I no longer notice the dirtiness of Sydney trains. Where I live at the moment, buses are the only way to go.

    I am intruiged about the rudeness passenger to passenger. I don't notice that down here. Not on buses anyway. Exactly the oppostite, I think. And some bus drivers are simply terrific. Helpful and human. I had a driver the other day who got off at a stop to ask an old codger which bus he thought he was waiting for. More and more of the bus drivers are young (20ish) women.

  7. i always love your photos and love trains too.

    thank you for sharing.