Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Now and Then - Adelaide Street Brisbane

I came across the bottom picture the other day taken in 1968 in Adelaide Street and in comparison, the top picture is Adelaide Street now.

Adelaide Street now

Adelaide Street Then (1968)


  1. What a contrast. It's a pity that the tram had to disappear.

  2. Thanks Bill for the trip down memory lane.....I first visited Brisbane in 1968 (Spent our Honeymoon on the Gold Coast and took a day trip to Brissie)...your photo is just how I remember it, tram and all.....amazing what difference 40 odd years makes.

  3. So do I, bring back the trams. In fact,,,bring back 1948 !!!

  4. What a difference, I love this old tramway we had them here too I used to ride on them to go to work, lol ! and these huge buildings grew in Brussels too !

  5. Hi Bill, thank you for your visit and message.
    It is interesting to see Brisbane from your perspective. I do not go often up any more so this will be interesting. I like trams in a city,or the very fast underground trains which bring you quickly from one place to the other. But then in Queensland we have so much time! I think the city is more attractive today. A fairly young city has to go with the time and contemporary, smart buildings. Many of the earlier blocks were very dreary. In a architectural view awfully plain and nasty looking. I like it how you show the difference.
    Have fun with your city shots. Au as haerzlich Grueassli (Buendner Dialekt) T.