Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two Seasons

This tree is in the centre of a roundabout near us. Taken in Spring (left) and summer (right)

I have no idea what the name is of this tree. If anyone can tell me I'd appreciate it.


  1. No idea what it is but its beautiful. Always associated those colours with autumn rather than spring.

  2. When it is red, it looks like a Japanese maple. When it is green, it does not look like a Japanese maple.

    Hope this helps ...

  3. BB
    Having had a delightful lunch with "Bon Vivante" company and having a travel "feral free" trip both ways, I consider it my duty to enlighten you on this tree variety, - it is a tree that prefers the reddish tones of spring and the greenish tones of summer. The latin name is "Changeous Toneous Arboreous"! -A most delightful tree for a roundabout.

    The Botanist Authority

  4. I love the effect when trees change color. Such a pretty tree.

  5. Hey Bill did my comment go astray ... it is almost certainly a Flame Tree. The red is spring flowers rather than the leaves.

  6. I second that: Illawarra Flame tree. We have some of them here in Auckland. A while ago I posted a picture of one which has two halves which are out of sync, showing both red and green: