Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bundaberg Barrel Home of the famous Ginger Beer

Ok, yesterday we ended up in Bundaberg on our Mystery Tour and today we went exploring. We found this barrell building which is the home of the famous Bundaberg Ginger Beer drink and to our surprise, they also brew other soft drinks which they tell us are NOT cordial but brewed soft drinks containing yeast. We took a tour through the place and tasted all the yummy drinks.
The building is in the shape of a half barrel.

The question is, where will we end up tomorrow night.


  1. Terrific shape for this building.

  2. What a nice building. It really adapted to brew beer. Wish you nice Mystery Tour.

  3. Ah ha! Drinking copious varities of "soft drinks" and not realising the content in such, c'mon, pull another leg! I hope that you were able to find the vehicle of transportation after this "little" excursion without difficulty?
    I hope some member of the b/day group was able to drive you all safely to your lodgings?
    At this rate, BB and DB, this will be the longest 12 days of your lives!
    Looking forward to where next - why not head in the Cunnamulla area? Now that would be interesting.
    Keep safe and SOBER!
    Colin (HB)

  4. Bill, are you running a sweepstake on your next day's journey? After reading this and a quick google I'd say you'll be at 256 Bourbong St;)