Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We're Back Out of the Wilderness

Hi Bloggers, we're back out of the wilderness. On Saturday, we were able to drive in to Carnarvon Gorge. The dirt road had sufficiently dried for us to drive up there. It was magnificent. An absolute fabulous experience. 
We did a couple of very long walks criss crossing the river and climbing lots of stairs to Moss garden and to other places.

We had no phone, television or internet access at the Wilderness Lodge. So today we ended up at Chinchilla where we're staying with Judy and John friends of all of us.

Carnarvon Gorge 

You'll see much more on Diane's blog. Click HERE

Where to tomorrow, only Ann knows and she won't say.


  1. Such nature experiences as yours seems to be perfect as anti-stress...I see the way out of the wilderness.

  2. Love that beautiful dark blue sky!

  3. Amazing place.
    Great photographs.

  4. Aaaaah - Dr. Livingstone, I presume!
    I knew that from somewhere you would reappear, never though did I think of the
    Carnavon Gorge.
    OK - you have had your "pretty" photo shot, now kindly continue your exploring and don't get lost again!
    "Henry Morton Stanley"
    aka Colin (HB)

  5. You lucky guys - no phone, no TV. That's great for some days. And you are still alive! Yippee! Very nice shots of your adventure in the wilderness.