Friday, June 25, 2010

Homeward Bound

We are getting closer to home now. Our second last day. Yes Bruce, unfortunately we are heading home. After staying in a farm-stay home last night called Bunyip Springs, amongst the cattle, horses and dogs up in the hills, we drove for some six hours and ended up on the beach at Redcliffe. But we did stop in the small country town of Esk in the Brisbane Valley.

The historical Larson Home
The historical home above belonged to the Larson family. Mr Larson was the original architect who designed the town of Esk. He was a philantrophist who in the first world war promised the young men volunteering he would give them all a gold watch and build the biggest cenotaph in a small town in Australia. He did.


  1. What a beautiful home! Everything is still green there and even blooming!


  2. Very nice, I like those Australian verandas. Very enjoyable following your adventure!

  3. Ah Bill, it's all over too soon. You better go round again. You people didn't rough it too much. Just look at that house.

  4. Yes, it's a lovely house indeed.

  5. Very pretty house and I love that porch!