Saturday, June 26, 2010

We're home again. Yesterday afternoon we arrived at Redcliffe Peninsula after an exhausting but fabulous 11 days mystery tour through outback Queensland. Ann, our excellent mystery tour guide had booked us into a beautiful beach front apartment at Redcliffe with fabulous views over Moreton Bay. Dinner was at Morgans Seafood Restaurant where we were met up with Paul and Helen who were supposed to be with us on the trip but couldn't make it due to health problems, so we enjoyed a very good seafood smorgasbord  with them.
Our unit on the 5th floor (you can see George waving)

The magnificent view from our balcony


  1. This is a beautiful view indeed. I hope you've enjoyed your tour. It is a nice idea and worth to make it too. Welcome back Bill.

  2. Ah dear - the odyssey is over. Great reporting from the both of you. I am sure that your overseas viewers enjoyed seeing parts of Australia that even many Aussies don't even see!
    Now, I presume as soon as you are unpacked, a dear lady will approach you with a paint tin and a brush, BE PREPARED!
    However, knowing that you sustained nagging wrist injuries when moving the baggage in the van, I think you will require at least 6 months rehabilitation and I strongly advise you to abide by the medical advice.
    Dr. C F Huggins
    aka Colin (HB)

  3. A home away from home. I wonder who picked up the bill.

  4. A very stylish conclusion of your tour. But in the end there is no place like home...