Saturday, June 12, 2010

GoMA at South bank

The Gallery of Modern Art building at South Bank. This shot was taken from the Kurilpa Footbridge.


  1. looks huuugge, with a tin roof too

  2. Hideous building - like all that are being built in Brisbane and for that matter around the World - MATCHBOXES - of various equations!
    Brisbane's waterfront on the Brisbane River has these damn things like a "dime a dozen" - and all getting higher.
    Sorry to disapoint the architectural "approvals" of the above three.
    Something different to showcase Brisbane would be more appropriate and appreciated!
    We can BUT dream!

    Colin (HB)

  3. Hi - re the finger in Rownree Park, York (JorvikDailyPhoto) I think you probably beat a few contenders for that comment! I wish I could say, "It didn't even enter my head!"

  4. Sieht wirklich sehr modern und sehr imposant aus. Gerade richtig um moderne Kunst zu zeigen. Great!

  5. The building certainly stands out. Good colour contrast with the dark brown and green. The pink/green alpha numerics makes a standout touch.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  6. It looks like a fairly big building.

    Were Australian banks hit hard by the recent recession?