Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Ettamoogah Pub on the Sunshine Coast

The Ettamoogah Pub is a cartoon pub that featured for years in a comic strip in the 'Australasian Magazine'. Created by the late Australian cartoonist Ken Maynard. It is on the Bruce Highway just before the Mooloolaba turnoff. We passed it recently driving up the coast on our mystery tour.

Photo by George Jacobson

For more information about the Ettamoogah Pub Click here


  1. Wonderful! I think it is pretty cool.

  2. Did you call in? I have been past the place on so many occasions and every time, it was my intention to have a look - but always the "hurry factor" comes into play. One day I'll get there, the food is supposed to be OK!
    Oh - have you been handed the paint brush yet?
    Colin (HB)

  3. You lose "points" for not going inside.

  4. I'm with Bruce, you should have stopped for a look inside. Looks like a cool place.

  5. The pub has a Unique architecture, Cool..!
    , What is "Ettamogah" means?

  6. For Bruce and Steffe, we were flying past at 100km/hr on the way to Bundaberg and really didn't have time to stop and go in but as it is not too far from home, I will visit and take more shots for this blog.

    For Dindin MK, Ettamoogah is a made up name by cartoonist Ken Maynard of an imagionary place in outback Australia which featured in his weekly cartoons in the Australasian Magazine.

  7. What an interesting building. It's really amazing. I would like to see the interior of this pub too...

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