Thursday, August 12, 2010

Convict built Wall? Or not!

It is a common urban myth that this wall facing the 'All Hallows School' in Ann Street was built by convicts. In fact, few convicts were sent to the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement after 1839, and the area was opened up for free settlers in 1842. Construction of the wall did not start until 1865.
As you can see, it is still raining in Brisbane


  1. Hi Bill, I am now following your blog --so that I can keep up with you all on your trip (according to Diane)... I'm sorry she is not taking her laptop--but I don't blame her...

    Enjoy your trip... I'll follow along and be envious!!!!

  2. The need to have convict involvement seems to have increased over the years! However, the wall and the entrance way are very imposing structures whether convict or stone-mason built.

    Rainy with cold winds down here ...

  3. Have fun on your trip! The daily update will be very fun for all of us!


  4. I love urban myths - especially the severed head banging on the roof of the car. looks a massive wall.

  5. Have a wonderful vacation! Enjoy the break from blogging. But I want to hear about the trip when you get back. Stay warm.