Saturday, August 21, 2010


Just a quick 'live' comment. Thanks for calling in and leaving comments. We are having a good time. It is not possible in every place to log in so when we have a chance it is good to read your commenys. It was very hazy ar Son Peak as there are lots of bush fires in the area. It is also very hot and we had to go and buy short-sleeved shirts. By for now and keep looking in.
Cheers, Bill and Diane

Today we're in Jasper and we take a cable car up into the Canadian mountains. Actually they call the cable car 'A Tramway'. Strange.


  1. Yes, I am hearing from other bloggers that the heat is not lessening, so having short sleeves does not surprise.

  2. We call the cable cars trampways also! We are just so strange here.