Friday, August 20, 2010

A peak at Sun Peaks

We're on a trip through Canada and Alaska...

Today, we travel through British Columbia's Cariboo region below the soaring granite mountains of Canada's Rockies.


  1. Oh---I'm just so jealous!!!!! Hope you can see this exact place while you are there.

  2. Wonderful...and thank you Bill for this clever...

  3. That sure looks like "Grizzly" bear country to me. I hope the magnificent scenery hasn't affected your alertness? Behind any tree, there could be a lurking "Grizzly"!! To rub salt into my green colouration yesterday at lunch, Peter and Margaret informed me that they also stayed at the Chateau Lake Louise, Banff - but they were there in winter and the lake was frozen.
    Have fun - remain VERY alert!
    The Red Speedo kid,
    Boris, the bear
    Kermit, the GREENER!
    Colin (HB)
    ps: I am not "jealous" like Betsy, I am DOUBLE jealous!

  4. I wonder if it is still this cold up there, you are still in summer I think.

  5. Hi guys, I have a few minutes access to the internet so I am able to read all your wonderful comments.
    Until now, it has been extremely hot here so much so that we had to go and buy short-sleeved shirts. Arriving here in Sub-peak it is very hazy as bush fires in the area have covered the sky.

  6. "William of Tell"
    Good to know that the score remains: Bohlens 1 - Bears Zilch!
    I have had it on good authority that the Bears of Canada, especially Alberta, are having a "Teddy Bears Picnic" at the Chateau Lake Louise, Banff, at the time of your arrival - be on CONSTANT alert!
    Me! The Green one!

  7. Reminds me of home. Beautiful!

  8. Ugh! Snow! And it's AUGUST!